Year 5

Welcome Back!

We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for the term ahead. We are excited to welcome your child to Year 5. We run an open door policy so please do not hesitate to come and speak to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.

Year 5 Team
Ms Bright – Class Teacher
Mrs Warner – TA


What we will be learning this term

Literacy: Narrative, instructions, balanced argument and poetry

Number – place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.


Computing: Digital Literacy


Salut Gustave! A L’ecole (French)

The Anglo- Saxons and Scots

Locational knowledge and mapping

Forces and Properties and changes of materials

Anglo- Saxon crests

Being Me in My World and Celebrating Difference, Strengthening Minds programme – Life After Lockdown

Observational drawing

Fitness and Dance

Steel Pans, Living on a prayer and Classroom Jazz 1

PE days: Year 5 have PE on Mondays and swimming on Wednesdays until further notice.

PE uniform: Blue or black shorts or tracksuit bottoms with a white T shirt and plimsolls or black trainers.Please write your child’s name on all their clothing – it helps enormously if they get lost or mixed up with another child’s clothes. Please note, we are not responsible for any lost items of clothing. We teach children to take full responsibility for their possessions. If for any reason clothing is lost, we endeavor to help locate it, but we do not replace uniform of any kind.

Remote Learning Plan

Learning Links in the Yellow Panel
 | Size: 723 KB 10th Jul 2020 Week 14 learning - Year 5 and 6  | Size: 679 KB 6th Jul 2020 Mindful Monday Your are Amazing  | Size: 865 KB 3rd Jul 2020 Week 13 learning - Year 5 and 6  | Size: 570 KB 29th Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Brave  | Size: 894 KB 26th Jun 2020 Week 12 learning - Year 5 and 6  | Size: 381 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Be Creative - Week 9  | Size: 627 KB 22nd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Yoga - Week 8  | Size: 1 MB 19th Jun 2020 Week 11 learning - Year 5 and 6  | Size: 934 KB 15th Jun 2020 Week 10 learning - Year 5 and 6  | Size: 462 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Wellbeing - Week 7  | Size: 895 KB 5th Jun 2020 Week 9 learning - Year 5 and 6 8th June  | Size: 435 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Self-regulation - Week 6  | Size: 691 KB 1st Jun 2020 Week 8 learning - Year 5 and 6  | Size: 375 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Kindness - Week 5  | Size: 314 KB 18th May 2020 Week 4 - Mindful Monday Senses  | Size: 758 KB 15th May 2020 Year 5 Week 7 18th May  | Size: 378 KB 11th May 2020 Week 3 - Mindful Monday Family  | Size: 788 KB 7th May 2020 Year 5 Week 6 11th May Learning  | Size: 700 KB 6th May 2020 Week 2 - Mindful Monday Self Regulation  | Size: 215 KB 6th May 2020 Week 1 - Mindful Monday Happiness  | Size: 754 KB 1st May 2020 Year 5 Week 5 4th May Learning  | Size: 479 KB 23rd Apr 2020 Year 5 Week 4 Learning  | Size: 478 KB 14th Apr 2020 Year 5 - Week 3  | Size: 388 KB 31st Mar 2020 Easter Holidays Learning Challenges Y5  | Size: 403 KB 25th Mar 2020 Year 5 Week 2
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Latest Year 5 News

Year 5 Staff

  • Vanessa Bright
    Vanessa Bright
    Year 5 Teacher
  • Sally-Ann Warner
    Sally-Ann Warner
    Teaching Assistant Year 5

Upcoming Year 5 Events

There are no upcoming events.

Paper Copies

If you would like a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

Illustration of Girl Skipping
Vanessa Bright
Year 5 Teacher

Additional Roles


I have worked at Grinling Gibbons Primary School since 2014.

I am proud to work here because it is such a friendly school where everyone looks out for each other: staff, children and parents alike. We have fantastic resources, dedicated teachers and children who love to learn, which makes working here very rewarding and enjoyable.

As a teacher, I have an interest in, and commitment to, each child.  I work to create a class environment which supports, extends and engages the learning of every child and I am committed to ensuring that children have opportunities to explore their aspirations and enhance their life chances.

Sally-Ann Warner
Teaching Assistant Year 5

I have been working at Grinling Gibbons Primary School for nearly nine years and have enjoyed all my years working here. I take great pride in reinforcing the schools ethos, aiming to inspire all individuals. Working in this school has given me the opportunity to work with all year groups, which has boosted my confidence.

My role is to help the children with their learning and motivate them to achieve their targets, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that I am part of the children’s learning journey, and a valued member of staff.