Year 1

An exciting New Term

We hope you had a fantastic break and that your children are ready for an exciting new term. This term is a short one and we have a lot of learning to get through so your continued support at home is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

What we will be learning this term

English: Stories with familiar settings, Information texts & Riddles

Maths: Time, Place value, Addition and subtraction, Length & height, Fractions

Computing: Beebots – create, organise, store and retrieve

Science: Animals including Humans & plants

R.E: Easter with a focus on food

History: A local study on the history of Deptford.

Geography: The human and physical aspects of Deptford, past and present.

DT: British cuisine

PHSE: Going for goals and changes

PE: Dance – various forms

ART: Materials

PE days are on Wednesdays and Fridays:
Children need to come to school wearing their P.E. uniform with their school uniform and shoes in their P.E. bag.

PE uniform: A pair of blue or black shorts or track bottoms, a white T-shirt and plimsolls or black trainers. Please ensure all P.E. bags and clothes have your child’s name on them as the school will not be responsible for lost items.

Latest Year 1 News

Year 1 Staff

  • So-Nia Hewitt
    So-Nia Hewitt
    Year 1 Teacher
  • Amevi Dogbo
    Amevi Dogbo
    Teaching Assistant Year 1
So-Nia Hewitt
Year 1 Teacher

Additional Responsibilities


I worked at Grinling Gibbons 5 years ago, and I was so excited when I had the opportunity to come back and work here again. This is because I missed our diverse cultural community and the mutual respect that exists here across all cultures and faiths.

It is a pleasure coming to school to work and learn alongside such a happy caring community of staff, carers and learners. Everyone is enthusiastic and supportive with the aim of supporting and nurturing all children to become confident, independent learners.

I strongly believe in the importance of helping children develop life-long skills that will enable them to problem solve independently. By setting clear expectations and guidelines and by supporting children through challenges, they can safely explore the world around us.

Amevi Dogbo
Teaching Assistant Year 1