Welcome back

Welcome to the start of another school year.  It has been really lovely to welcome back the children who are returning from the Nursery, and has been great to have so many wonderful new faces joining our Reception class! The children are all settling into school life, and we are excited for the fun year of learning and growing ahead of us.

Reception Team
Miss Murphy – Class Teacher
Miss Dogbo – Class TA


What we will be learning this term

This term we will be covering a few topics in Reception, as well as continuing our journey of phonics and having a large focus on reading.

We will be starting the term by learning all about superheroes and everyday superheroes such as police and doctors. We will be engaging in lots of role play and taking part in fun activities around the topic. We may even have some special visitors to show us how it’s done!

After half-term, we will then begin our Growing topic. We will be reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, looking at what plants need to grow, and be putting our green thumbs to the test by growing our own plants. We will also be investigating how we grow and change through the years.

Remote Learning Plans

Learning Links in the Yellow Panel
 | Size: 227 KB 10th Jul 2020 Week 14 Learning - EYFS  | Size: 679 KB 6th Jul 2020 Mindful Monday Your are Amazing  | Size: 462 KB 3rd Jul 2020 Week 13 learning - EYFS  | Size: 570 KB 29th Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Brave  | Size: 406 KB 26th Jun 2020 Week 12 learning - EYFS  | Size: 381 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Be Creative - Week 9  | Size: 627 KB 22nd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Yoga - Week 8  | Size: 372 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Week 11 Learning - EYFS  | Size: 416 KB 12th Jun 2020 Week 10 learning - EYFS 15 June  | Size: 462 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Wellbeing - Week 7  | Size: 278 KB 5th Jun 2020 Week 9 learning - EYFS 8th June  | Size: 435 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Self-regulation - Week 6  | Size: 500 KB 1st Jun 2020 EYFS - Learning from home - 1st June 2020  | Size: 375 KB 23rd Jun 2020 Mindful Monday Kindness - Week 5  | Size: 314 KB 18th May 2020 Week 4 - Mindful Monday Senses  | Size: 814 KB 15th May 2020 Little Red - Colouring by numbers sheet  | Size: 236 KB 15th May 2020 EYFS - Week 7 18 May  | Size: 378 KB 11th May 2020 Week 3 - Mindful Monday Family  | Size: 400 KB 7th May 2020 EYFS Week 6 11th May  | Size: 700 KB 6th May 2020 Week 2 - Mindful Monday Self Regulation  | Size: 215 KB 6th May 2020 Week 1 - Mindful Monday Happiness  | Size: 413 KB 1st May 2020 EYFS Week 5 4th May  | Size: 1 MB 24th Apr 2020 EYFS Week 4 27th April  | Size: 224 KB 14th Apr 2020 EYFS - Week 3  | Size: 136 KB 3rd Apr 2020 EYFS Easter Challenges for website  | Size: 214 KB 31st Mar 2020 Easter Holidays Learning Challenges Reception  | Size: 66 KB 24th Mar 2020 Weekly learning - EYFS
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Latest Reception News

Reception Staff

  • Rachel Murphy
    Rachel Murphy
    Reception Teacher
  • Diane Julius
    Diane Julius
    Teaching Assistant Reception
  • Amevi Dogbo
    Amevi Dogbo
    Teaching Assistant Reception

Upcoming Reception Events

There are no upcoming events.

Paper Copies

If you would like a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

Illustration of Girl Skipping
Rachel Murphy
Reception Teacher

I have been part of the Grinling Gibbons community since December 2018, I really love coming into school each day as it has such a caring and enthusiastic atmosphere, it feels like we are all one big family. I am the Reception teacher within the school, which I am ecstatic about! I love the EYFS curriculum and how inquisitive and spontaneous the children can be each day.

Every day you can see so much change and development in each child and for me it is such an amazing experience and I am honoured to be a part of it. Reception is the beginning of school for most children and gives them the foundations to build on as the go up the school. Giving the children these basic skills and making sure they have fun while doing it is my key aim.

I also take Art club every week, which is lots of fun. The children get to showcase their creative skills and also learn some new artistic techniques. We create a wide range of pieces during the sessions.

Diane Julius
Teaching Assistant Reception

I have worked as a teaching assistant at Grinning Gibbons since 2015, all staff Is committed to ensuring the children’s wellbeing – that’s why I am proud to be a member of staff at such a great school.

As every child will develop and learn in different ways and at different rates, I am here to ensure every child makes good progress, as high quality early learning provides the foundation children need to make the most of their talents as they grow.

Amevi Dogbo
Teaching Assistant Reception