Year 6 has been busy!

Oct 30, 2018 | Year 6


Black History Month

In Year 6, we have been learning about Black History, focusing especially on some of the people who have fought for equality between blacks and whites. Did you know that some black people were not allowed to be educated? How unfair is that! We have also been reading a book called ‘Tar Beach’ by Faith Ringgold, which is about a young girl from New York. Her family are facing racial discrimination and hardship, so she dreams about herself flying and reaching her aspirations to give her family a better life.


A few weeks ago, a group of Year 6 children went on a trip to Kingswood for a week. At Kingswood, we took part in lots of activities like zip lining, Jacobs’ ladder, laser tag and lots more fun things. It was a week where we learnt lots of new skills like how to make a bed up – it’s harder than you think! Overall, it was a time where we got the opportunity to stand on our own two feet. We definitely appreciate our parents more now!

Cooking and Art at School

While some of the children went to Kingswood, the rest of us had a fun-filled week cooking some WWII style treats and creating some fabulous art, based on the book we mentioned earlier, ‘Tar Beach’. Have a look at our pictures and final masterpieces on display in the hall. In cooking, we made jam tarts, bread, coconut truffles and some yummy toffee. In art, we created silhouettes with paper and chalk. We also made quilt patches with messages of hope on them! Did you know that in the old days, these patches were made to send secret messages to the outside world by slaves?

Imperial War Museum

On the 3 October, our class went to the Imperial War Museum. During this event, we met two evacuees from World War II, and we found out lots of different and interesting new facts. Did you know that as well as Anderson shelters, people had Morrison shelters? These shelters were used in busy cities like London and were like metal cages that had enough room for only the essentials like bedding, ration books and perhaps some water.

Creative Writing Workshop

We also had the opportunity to work on our writing this term, with someone from Goldsmiths University. We learnt how you can use your senses to write a poem. It was great to go into the outdoor areas to get inspiration.