Year 6 – Well deserved treats!

Jul 10, 2018 | Year 6


Welcome to Year 6’s class blog. Last term, Year 6 worked very hard doing our SATs. The first day we did our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test. On Tuesday we had our Reading test. The day after that (Wednesday) was Maths (Arithmetic & Reasoning 1) and on the last day we had Reasoning 2. All of the children sighed a sense of relief as we put down our pencils after that last test! We did it and rejoiced with cheers and ran around in the playground.


Following our SATS, we visited a trampoline park called ZAP SPACE.  Both 6a and 6b went as a treat for finishing the SATs. Zap Space had multiple activities for us to enjoy and have a good time. Our favourite activity was dodge ball: dodge ball is a competitive game, and in order to win you must throw the ball at the person in front of you and it has to hit the person for them to be out. We spent about an hour on the trampolines as well as doing other activities.  It was an awesome way to end a tough half term!

We also got tickets for the West End National Theatre to watch actors perform Matilda the Musical. While we were there, we were allowed to buy slushies, snacks and juice. This was definitely a perk! We found the story inspiring; the actors were mesmerising, so much so that we chose to act it out for our end of year production.

As well as channelling the skills of actors from Matilda for our production, we also thought about this when taking part in our class assemblies.


6B did an assembly on light as it is part of the learning completed in our Science lessons. The assembly explained what sources of light there are and how humans works to see it. It also explained how shadows work – much to the other children’s amazement. We received lots of ooohhhs and aaaahhhs for that shadow trick. It ended with an incredible dance routine that included the floss. The song and dance got the whole school clapping and dancing along.

Yes your honour!

This term we have also been learning about what happens in court and using this as a stimulus for our writing. Using our knowledge of justice and freedom, 6A decided to base our class assembly on an extract from a criminal trial. They acted out the case of Nathaniel Harry (charged for robbery). As well as acting out this case for the school, the whole of Year 6 also had the opportunity to act it out at the Royal Courts of Justice. This gave us a rare glimpse in to what happens in court. We were also lucky enough to get a visit from a real judge, who gave us advice and answered our questions.

Overall, we have had a pretty jam-packed summer term so far, thanks for reading.

Huong, Aliyah, Rheon, David J