Year 4’s Activities

Jul 10, 2018 | Year 4

This summer term has flown by. Here are some of the things that we have got up to.

Cricket Tournament

We have been learning how to play cricket and was entered into a Year 4 tournament at Deptford Park. In total, there were 44 groups. We managed to get all the way to the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, we didn’t get through but we all know we are winners anyway and had a fantastic experience!


We did a rotation of activities based on the History of Aztecs. We found out some interesting facts. Here are some:

–          They made human sacrifices by killing people and ripping out their hearts to offer it to the Gods.

–          They were very advanced in building and structures.

–          To punish children, they would put chillies in the fire and make the smoke burn the children’s eyes.

–          They made natural medicines using herbs and flowers.

–          They ate cacti maize and made tortillas.


We were set a challenge by Miss Bryce to make a circuit and light a bulb. Miss Bryce gave us wires with crocodile clips, bulbs, battery holder, batteries and bulb holders. We had to find a way of making the bulb light with different circuits. We made a new circuit using 2 bulbs and compared the difference. We noticed the lights were dimmer because the energy had to be shared between the bulbs.

Islam & Trip to the Mosque

This was an exciting trip! Some of us have never been to a Mosque before and it was a fun experience. The East London Mosque had beehives to try and make money to support them. They raise money to keep the Mosque running as well as supporting those that are less fortunate. They have a washroom called Wudu. It is a room where you wash your arms, legs, feet, hair, mouth, ears, nose and hands before prayer. It is important to be clean before praying to be presentable for Allah. Muslims speak Arabic and read the Qur’an. We heard the prayer call and witnessed the men praying in the hall in straight rows. There was a giant dome, which was positioned in the middle of the prayer hall and it had a crescent on top. It is used to echo and project the voice of the Imam in the prayer hall because they did not have microphones or electronic devices.

We are sad that the term is coming to an end but we will continue to enjoy it while it lasts.