Reception’s Scientists

Jun 19, 2018 | Reception

It’s that time again, where we look back at some the amazing learning that Reception have been doing since our last blog!

In the first half of the Summer term, we learnt all about minibeasts and were lucky enough to go on lots of different minibeast hunts. We observed some worms, wood lice, slugs and snails really closely, back in the classroom, and some of us were really brave and held them! We found out where the different creatures like to live, and did lots of investigations about how many legs they have. Check out the photos of us being scientists in our role play ‘minibeast research lab.’

We even went on a minibeast hunt to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, to see if their minibeasts were different to the ones we found in Deptford. They weren’t, but we did visit their butterfly house, and were amazed by all the fabulous caterpillars and butterflies that were in there. See if you can spot the giant caterpillar in our photos!


Zoo Lab

Next Zoo Lab came to visit us in school, and we got up close and personal with a hissing cockroach, a giant millipede, a hermit crab, a tarantula, an African land snail and a corn snake!

Again, the children were really brave, and nearly everyone touched a new animal for the first time.  Even Miss Ellie touched the snake!  She agreed with the children that it was really soft!

Pond Dipping at The London Wildlife Centre

As well as the creepy crawlies that live on the land, we visited The London Wildlife Centre, in Peckham, to find out more about the creatures that live in a pond.  We used nets to catch leeches, tadpoles, snails and newts, and the mums and dads found it so exciting, that Ms Bibby had to make sure they let their children have a turn! J  This is a great place to visit as a family at the weekends, and is completely free – so do make sure you go if you can.   Find out more at


In May we shared all our learning with the rest of the school and parents at our second class assembly.

Under the Sea

We’ve now moved on to our topic of ‘Under the Sea’ and already the children have become fascinated by the secret lives of sea horses and other sea creatures, and we regularly go for adventures in our very own Reception submarine!  Watch this space for some more photos…